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As a family owned business with over 50 years of experience, Phil Evans & Sons Construction is passing down what they've learned through generations of experience. What Phil's father taught him, he is now teaching to his sons and including them in the family business of handywork, remodeling, and construction.

Residential Construction & Repair Services

You’ve got a vision – of fixing that rotting foundation to building a new barn with a guest apartment – and you want the project done but don’t have the time, know how, or all the pieces in place.  You need a contractor you can trust who will call you back and proactively communication with you throughout the project. Phil Evans & Sons Construction is ready to understand your vision and lead the way to getting it done right the first time.

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Communicative Process

We believe in utilizing effective communication principles to assuage our clients’ fears and potential headaches throughout the construction process. Like sailors headed to a destination, we navigate the project with waypoints, letting you know along the way how things are going. Opportunities to make a change arise and our experience allows us to see them coming and effectively communicate the idea, how it aligns with your vision, and any associated costs in a change order. As professionals in the industry, we have experienced ability with negotiating with insurance companies to work to stay in your budget.

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Looking for a communicative contractor to handle a residential construction or repair project?